Mind Map: Creating Lasting Change (Tony Robbins)

I have been an interested student of Tony Robbins since I was a teenager. I credit my parents for having copies of Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within laying around the house. If it were not for them, I never would have acquired a copy of the “Personal Power” audiobook later in life, or his newer works like “Get The Edge” and “Creating Lasting Change”.

I know the titles sound cliché, but I would not judge the quality of the content by them. Unfortunately, his work gets painted by the mainstream media as phoney motivational fluff, but I would disagree. You could consider it motivational, but far from fluff. Some of his ideas on nutrition and “incantations” are not really my cup of tea, but if you have the ability to understand the good ideas, and the drive to apply them, I’m confident that you will see results.

The following mind map is a high-level summary of the audio program entitled “Creating Lasting Change” by Tony Robbins. The program itself covers a psychological approach to affecting positive change in both yourself and others. It proposes that all leadership begins with leadership over self, then defines a framework for achieving lasting cognitive change.


According to the product page on his website, this framework is based on principles taken from “everything from Victor Frankl’s work, to cognitive therapy, to Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), to a traditional clinical approach.”

The framework consists of 7 main steps:

  1. Understand Their World
  2. Get Leverage
  3. Interrupt The Pattern
  4. Define The Problem In Solvable Terms
  5. Create an Empowering Alternative
  6. Condition The Change
  7. Connect To An Empowering Environment

For a quick preview of the mind map, click the large thumbnail on the right.

To get a high-quality PDF version of the mind map, click here to download.

I hope you find these notes as useful as I have. They are a perfect reference for quickly recalling hours worth of audio material in minutes.